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Practical Case Studies in Outpatient COVID-19 Management

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Read expert faculty member summaries of ambulatory COVID-19 patient case recommendations, including a young healthy patient, an older patient with comorbidities, a patient with immunocompromise, and a patient requiring evaluation in the emergency department.

Released: March 15, 2023

Expiration: March 13, 2024



Tracey Piparo

Tracey Piparo, PA-C

Department of Palliative Medicine
New Brunswick, New Jersey

Renslow Sherer

Renslow Sherer, MD

Professor of Medicine
Section of Infectious Diseases and Global Health
University of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

Trinh P. Vu

Trinh P. Vu, PharmD, BCIDP

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in Infectious Diseases
Department of Pharmacy
Emory University Hospital Midtown
Atlanta, Georgia

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